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Scissor Lifts

The scissor lift or platform lift, is a mechanical industrial lift that has been tailored to be used in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and production settings. Industrial scissor lifts have been used mostly within production and manufacturing facilities for many decades to successfully raise and lower materials, people and other equipment. The scissor lift is a platform with wheels that functions like a forklift. It is effective for tasks that require the mobility and speed of transporting people and materials into the air.

When extended, the scissor lift can reach 6.4 to 18.8 meters or from 21 to 62 feet above ground. It is unique in the fact that it does not depend on a straight column to raise its platform, rather folding supports beneath it come together and stretch the platform upwards. Accessible with either an electric or hydraulic motor, the scissor lift offers a rough ride due to the lift's construction that keeps it from roaming with a steady velocity. Instead, it travels faster in the middle of its journey and slows down with added extension.

Since the first scissor platform lifts were built in the 1970's, they have experienced many enhancements in the materials used and safety features added, while still keeping with the similar base design. Closely related to the forklift, scissor lifts are really acknowledged for their effectiveness and portability, as they are the only industrialized platform lift that can be easily stored in a corner spot in the office. They are most oftentimes utilized indoors from warehouses to automotive restoration, these equipment function in many different worksites completing many unusual projects.

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